Mischa and Rosanna off on a flight-free adventure!

After spending five years living, working and studying in Sheffield we decided we wanted a change. A plan was concocted! To travel around Japan and spend a couple of months seeing what it’s like to live and volunteer in the country supposedly most alien to the west. As plans do, they grew and grew. Why not travel there overland through Russia, let’s see northern China, I don’t know much about South Korea… and so on. It resulted in backpacking round the world for a year without taking a single plane. Flying often is damaging to the environment so we wanted to minimise the impact our travelling would have. We spent three weeks crossing Russia via the Trans-Manchurian, seven months in Asia and finally three months in North America. Our longest time spent in one country was China and we crossed the Pacific and North Atlantic oceans on cargo ships which took 15 and 11 days respectively. We returned with a new appreciation and love for our home country, the United Kingdom.

This blog was started for our family and friends who were interested in following us around the world, but also for our own memories as a journal to read on returning. Now the once-in-a-lifetime journey has ended, the blog will remain up as a guide for future travellers or those just interested in reading about the surprises and delights we came across along the way.



30th March 2017: And off we go, on a coach from London to Luxembourg 😀

16th July 2017: Just over 3 months after we left the UK we finally made it to Japan – and aptly found a jumbo kimono (and samurai outfit) in Hiroshima castle!


31st October 2017: Vietnam visas received from embassy in Kunming

20th November 2017: US visas received from embassy in Hanoi

22nd November 2017: Cargo ship journey across Pacific Ocean booked!

2nd February 2018: Cargo ship journey across the North Atlantic Ocean booked

24th March 2018: Eurostar from Brussels to London, home country 🙂