Suddenly, after being more flexible with our time and plans this year than I’ve ever been in my life before, we now have a very clear view of our movements until reaching London. We have even booked our Eurostar from Brussels. With two more workaways and quick visits to Washington DC and Miami pencilled in, our second and final ship of the journey has also been finalised. Addmittedly the route through North America could have been planned better, as this ends up with us seeing a lot more of the United States than we thought we would. We’ll have travelled up and down it’s length 2.5 times by the time we leave.

Deep Snow

We arrived into Canada last Monday and were greeted to the lowest temperature of the trip, -10 degrees Celcius in Toronto. On Thursday we were picked up by our current workaway host and driven into the Ontario countryside. Our temperature record was quickly broken, -17 that night, and this morning we woke up to -19. We have another week here on pet duty, snow clearing and house cleaning while learning how life works in a beautiful straw bale off-grid round house. Tasks also include nerf gun fights with the host’s son.

Deep South

In about two weeks we will start our last workaway of the trip, heading back down to the deep south, but this time to the Talladega National Forest in Alabama. (We already checked, the next NASCAR event isn’t until April unfortunately.) It’s another off-grid site, however this one will lack the expected creature comforts a house gives. With the prospect of campfires everynight, the outdoor living site gets its water from the nearby creek for the open-air kitchen and shower. We will be camping and helping the hosts build a large log cabin style kitchen and dining room.

Deep Water

The Liberian flagged Independent Venture is timetabled to leave Wilmington, North Carolina on Friday 9th March. It’ll take 11 days to cross the North Atlantic and should arrive into Antwerp, Belgium on March 20th. The ship is almost half the length of the G. Washington and the Atlantic ocean is supposedly worse weather-wise than the Pacific, I fully expect to be very seasick this time.

8 thoughts on “Have I got news for you

    1. Shame I’m missing the Cornish snow! Well my half down jacket was a great purchase, just walked the dog in -11 and snowing with dress, thin jumper and jacket and no problems!

  1. Oh, somehow now I don’t want it to end for you two!! And for me!! Reading about your adventures, seeing the photos, I feel I have been travelling along side you! But hey, honestly… can’t wait to have you back in my life!!!!

  2. You’ll be fine. I’ve looked at the pics and she’s got a lovely bottom. Which is important for stability in ocean-going vessels. Interesting to note she has just left Liverpool with hazardous cargo. Probably a load of scousers then. 😀

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