It’s about that time. Today we board the Independent Venture in Wilmington, North Carolina for our home continent. In 11 days time, if everything goes to plan, we will arrive into Antwerp and then four days later catch the train from Brussels to London. It is hard to not think of today as the end. Not only would that be a disservice to the fabulous nation of Belgium but also it would go against so much of what we’ve come to understand whilst traveling. There are new sights and experiences to be had everywhere in the world and that includes in the UK. The number of foreign people I’ve met who, as tourists, have seen more of my native country than I have is honestly a bit embarassing. We already plan to see more of it when we return. This is the last overnight (over 10 nights) journey we’ll be taking for a while but after what we’ve been doing the 11 hour trip to northern Scotland seems entirely manageable.

Our leisurely transatlantic passage will be made aboard the Independent Venture, a 200m long container ship that is half the size of our previous vessel, the G Washington. It says it has passenger cabins for 6 people so maybe we’ll have some company on this leg, we don’t know. I have 3 books and Rosanna has made sure that Civ 5 will definitely work this time around so we should be ready. Also there is the high chance that this will not be a dry vessel like the last one which should smooth the journey somewhat. By all accounts the Atlantic is rougher than the Pacific and with a smaller boat the motion of the ocean will be more impactful. I read once though that if something is unavoidable then worrying about it just means you go through the negative experience twice so we’re just going to get on and see what happens. As before you can follow our progress on the Marine Traffic website here.

29 thoughts on “Transatlantic, Less Than Frantic

    1. This ship doesn’t update its position as often as the one they took across the Pacific. Maybe because it’s an older ship?
      This is about 2AM – 40°18’N, 58°14’W.Speed 17.4kn, bearing 74°.

      1. This is my latest update from Vessel Tracker:

        Last satellite update is four days old. Marine Traffic giving you more recent positions?

        Normally I find Vessel Tracker best and it’s what we have at work with a full subscription. Update frequency depends on the satellite constellation used as well as the ship itself.

        1. Ooops, misreading. That position is *live* (or 36 mins old). The four days is just when the route was updated. I’m not used to their new site!

          So ~1800GMT, N 45° 33.29′ W 044° 06.01′

      1. So glad they have got this far! Was there anywhere you could find out what the weather was like for them and how that influenced the ‘comfortability’ on the ship?

  1. I have butterflies in my stomach! Explain that as you will!
    Thank you, Lesley, for doing that. Looking forward to seeing you in London☺!

  2. Safe travel home guys – Its been truly amazing reading all of your blogs, and I feel very lucky to have joined you in this way on your adventures. can’t wait to see you!! Bon Voyage!

    1. Thanks Caroline! Pleased to hear that, I’m glad we took the effort to do the blog and keep it up, just a couple more weeks to go then we’ll be back in Sheffield in April 🙂

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