On the weekend we finally made it back on British soil after 51 weeks away from home, let’s call it a year.

Saturday was a lazy morning, packing our bags for the last time and gathering our thoughts. It’s hard to explain the mixed feelings, flickering between excitement to reach home, see family and friends and complete the journey, and a little sad that the journey was finally coming to an end. Our Eurostar from Brussels departed on time and arrived 1 minute early. Little did we know that our train coming in had been caught on camera by my mum’s husband. Our group of meeters almost didn’t get to meet us due to an evacuation alarm going off in London St Pancras just half an hour before. Luckily it was a false alarm. After an emotional welcome home it was a late lunch in a nearby pie shop, a great meal to return to!


We spent the rest of the weekend catching up with friends. We’re very grateful for those who came to meet us, it was a real pleasure to see the friends we’d left behind so long ago and spend the afternoon catching up in a pub. Ok, it was a Wetherspoons but it still had some Cornish beer. And a lovely surprise when finding out two friends we met on the journey could make it too.

That evening Mischa took a train home to Herefordshire and the next day I travelled down to Falmouth, past the beautiful south Devon coastline around Dawlish and over the River Tamar into Cornwall. After a walk around the town and castle today, in a brief few hours of sunshine, it’s easy to feel very happy to be back and somewhere familiar.


A big thank you to everyone who’s followed the blog throughout the past year. Your comments, feedback and messages have kept us travelling and writing. This isn’t the end of the blog, there’s still Belgium to write about, summary posts on trains and buses in America to do, and perhaps more memories and stories will resurface when we go back over the photos. To those we haven’t met up with yet, we are moving back up north to Sheffield in about two weeks! We missed the wonderful steel city and the connections we made there too much, we’re coming home.

10 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. Thank you so much for the blog! At first it was a means for me to not worry but then it was a way to enjoy the journey for itself. And after a while, I learnt that if you went quiet for a while it was just because the internet speed was rubbish!!

    1. No problem mum, glad it was able to ease the worrying! Yes, the internet was so bad at times, particularly China or some hostels, that we couldn’t do anything on here.

  2. I’m glad you’ve had a wonderful trip, I’ve enjoyed reading about your travels immensely!! Happy that there’s a bit more to come as well!! I’m over in July/August so maybe we can catch up then😀

    1. Thank you, yes I shall make sure I make it back down south to see you when you’re over! 😀 Really glad you enjoyed the blog, even though it’s been a chore at times I’m very happy we stuck with it and a little sad when/if it comes to an end!

  3. Great to see you back home safe and sound. It was lovely to meet you at St Pancras, and thank you for lunch! xxx

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